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Some styles for your pagination

Styles for WP-Digg style pagination plugin, Digg Style pagination Class, the modular version, and the original programed bye strangerstudios.

Problemas de seguridad en tus aplicaciones Web

OT & P: Bueno pues aquí leyendo un rato el sitio de Buayacorp y tratando de coomprender los ejercicios para aumentar la seguridad que Alex nos propone, me encuentro esta gráfica muy interesante, que por ya la había visto antes en otros sitios, pero sin haberla analisado jeje.

How to create a digg and style pagination with PHP

I think that this entry is obsolete. If you are looking for a pagination control, you can read this article which is eaiser to implement.

I made a few modifications to the's pagination script, inspired by the original created by, it needs a detail, turn it into a dynamic and re-usable function without so much roll.

Now the form to use it is super simple, we just call the function pagination() with the next parameters:

  • Amount of pages
  • Items by page
  • Present page (or the one that is being seen)
  • The page to which it will send the parameter of the following one (previous, first, last) page(?page=X)
  • The amount of adjacent links to the present page